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  • Gary Maskell

    Gary Maskell

    Gary is a Senior Partner at Advice4Business and has over 20 years experience gaining an in-depth understanding from grass roots to top levels of business.

    "Gary has a unique insight into the issues which can effect business and he's great at turning challenges into opportunities. He is passionate about our business and about our strategy and vision and moving forwards. A really friendly reliable guy.."

    Ryan Marfleet Director at Schmidt Kitchens Wimbledon

    Gary Maskell - Advice4Business Peacehaven & Telscombe Sussex

  • Glyn Moore

    Glyn Moore

    Glyn Moore is a Partner at Advice4Business - "Changing the world one business at a time by helping business owners like you…"

    ”During the six month period in which we worked together we have achieved our best business results ever. The Partners to Success programme has helped to take Safetyexcel to a new level; your advice and expertise in our business challenges has been outstanding…and above all it has become a pleasure to be a business owner.”
    Steven Ellison, Safetyexcel Limited, Health & Safety Consultants

    Glyn Moore - Advice4Business Kent

  • Linda Lowther

    Linda Lowther

    Linda is a Partner at Advice4Business. She loves to drive business growth!

    "Linda has excellent organisational skills, she is efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people from all backgrounds.

    Without doubt, Linda is definitely a ‘leader’ and not a ‘follower’"

    Mick Spicer - UK HR Manager, Filtration Products

    Linda Lowther - Advice4Business North East

  • Steve Elliott

    Steve Elliott

    Stephen is a Business Advisor at Advice4Business with over 30 years experience in management and business.

    "Stephen is not only highly professional, focused and practical, but also great fun to work with. He brings his experience to bear on any issue, and communicates his ideas with clarity and precision"

    Hugh Bessant - FIDM eReco EMEA Corporation

    Steven Elliott - Advice4Business Brighton Sussex

  • David Harding

    David Harding

    As a man of Kent, David started his career at 14 years of age working for Boots the Chemist in Hythe filling shelves after school and, while still at school, he worked his way up to being in charge of the wine making kit department, thus sparking an interest in wine that remains today. Then, on leaving school with CSEs he worked for Hythe Plant Services, which was great fun as he was let loose on the JCBs.

    David Harding - Advice4Business

  • Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones

    Andrew started his career by obtaining qualification in Law. Between the years of 1984 and 1995 running a solicitor’s practice. He developed a successful client base. During this time expertise gained Andrew handled large commercial clients, property, litigation and general “trouble shooting.”  Other experience gained included all types of business support advice, property transactions- to include business leases, raising finance, court and tribunal matters.    

    Andrew Jones - Advice4Business

  • Yaseen Baksh

    Yaseen Baksh

    Yeseen Baksh is a business coach who has gained a wealth of experience by working for International business operators and holding key positions. In recent years, Yeseen has enjoyed implementing new strategies and changes to business such as Hertz, Xerox and Enterprise Holdings Ltd watching them grow and become ever more successful in their respective industries.

    He has coached Country heads, company directors and team members on how to improve their Operations, Revenue & Pricing, Strategies to improve the effectiveness & profitability. He has worked in various businesses and operations management roles, truly excelling in growing business and building strategic partnerships through his deep understanding of what is required to create genuine and long-lasting trust-based relationships.

    Yeseen Baksh - Advice4Business


At Advice4Business we are passionate about helping business owners like you to work ON rather than IN your business – Our Goal Is Your Success.

Are you struggling with cash flow or failing to achieve the returns you deserve for all the hours you pour into your business?   Advice4Business can help.

Does it sometimes feel like you work for your staff and that good people are hard to find?  Do you arrive at work before them and leave last?  Then talk to us to get the help you need.

We firmly believe that the only reason to run your own business is to make your life better and far too often the reverse is true with many business owners working too long for too little whilst neglecting their own health, family and friends.

It doesn’t have to be that way and it is why we have developed our unique Advice 4 Your Business system which is designed to give you, the business owner, your life back.

Our proven systems are backed by a money back guarantee AND are tailored specifically for your own business needs. Feel free to browse the site and take advantage of the free resources and articles we have made available.

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