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‘Mike has a great ability to open up opportunities and pinpoint fundamental areas for improvement across a diverse range of business sectors. His honest and customer focused approach achieves a great balance of realistic actions and stretching targets. Having worked with him for some time now I know they are many businesses who could really benefit from his input and enjoy the experience along the way’

NED and former CEO - Xenia Carr-Griffiths

My business partner and I met Steve Elliott from Advice4Business, through a BNI meeting. We were unsure whether we could afford to bring in a business advisor in the early stages of our business but we have found Steve to be worth his weight in golf!

As owners of a food establishment in Brighton, who have no background in owning our own business in this area, we have experienced quite a steep learning curve. But Steve has been there to help up along the way. He is patient, very knowledgeable and honest. He knows when to jump in and offer advice, and when to allow my business partner and I to talk around an issue until we come up with an answer ourselves. He provides us with direction, support and a fire in our bellies to drive our business forward!

I would not hesitate in recommending Steve and have already done so. We are very grateful for what Steve has brought to our business venture.

Emma Ratcliffe - Miss Beans Cakes

I’ve long believed that if you cannot afford a business coach, you need one.

I still believe that, however, three years ago we did use the services of a Business Coach who was totally useless (and who has since been struck off). However, Steven Elliot from Advice4Business has recently restored our faith in business coaches.

Steve has proved to be an excellent support to me, as the Company Director and to the business itself. He has reminded me of things that I already knew but wasn’t doing, but he has also given some very helpful insights and helped me to be focused on how we can get the business to the next level which is the main reason we asked him to get involved.

I highly recommend Steve to any business that wants to go from a good or a bad place to greater heights.

The fees that he charges clients are reasonable and certainly very good value for money.

And I say again, if you can’t afford him, then you definitely need him.

KJ Duursma - Managing Director - Worldwide Webdesign Ltd

The reason I chose Linda as our business manager is because at the business Expo in Newcastle, a woman sitting next to me said, ‘If you ever need any support or advice for your business, get Linda, she is brilliant’. I am pleased to confirm that over the last two years of working with Linda, she has most certainly lived up to her reputation. She is personable and friendly and quickly establishes a mutually supportive environment where you feel comfortable in discussing the realities of life in business.


As a teacher, I had very little knowledge of business. Therefore, Linda’s advice, guidance and suggestions have been invaluable. She has a suggestion and a solution to every possible eventuality. She has supported us in organising our finances, working on social media, marketing and long term strategies. We have also worked on the importance of time management and work life balance as well as our business expansion.


I cannot recommend Linda highly enough. Her wealth of knowledge about business and management would be an asset to every business.

Christine Thomas, - Director, Everything English Education Consultancy

Stephen is not only highly professional, focused and practical, but also great fun to work with. He brings his experience to bear on any issue, and communicates his ideas with clarity and precision

Hugh Bessant - FIDM eReco EMEA Corporation

Stephen built a highly successful company from the ground-up, the breath of his business development knowledge is continually evident in the expert advice he gives to the businesses he works with.
If you can get Stephen to work with you, he will undoubtedly grow your business, gently challenge your business habits and help you to achieve your goals,   

Nick McCrudden - MD of McCrudden Training Ltd, Head of Innovative Training Co & Judge of The Best of the Best Business Awards

Stephen’s natural ability to listen, understand and plan is immeasurable. Whether you are new to running your own business or established, the overwhelming number of tasks a business owner has to respond to can seem daunting. With Stephen’s knowledge and wealth of experience in this field, he helps you organise and plan a logical way forward that can only assist a business owner in moving forward even in these difficult times. Highly recommended, don’t delay, contact today.      

L Carr, - Business Owner, Homesmaid Domestic Cleaning Company

I cannot recommend Stephen enough to any business who needs a little direction or advice. From day one Stephen’s suggestions and advice changed my way of thinking which changed my business in a positive way.
Skinny Chimp Ltd was just over a year old when I turned to Stephen for some help from some obvious ideas to more complicated he helped me see gaps in my business that I hadn’t.
Passionate about his clients and work, even when not working together he stays in touch – a contact for life who I will always turn to when I need an ejection of energy or someone to bounce ideas off.
I have learnt a lot about business, made contacts, my company is a much more professional and sleeker operation and profit has increased. Without a doubt, I would recommend Stephen

Rebecca Goodchild, - Managing Director Skinny Chimp Ltd,

As an engineer by trade, being a business owner isn’t always easy. There are so many different roles to juggle and we don’t have an infinite amount of money to be able to try new ideas to see what works. Working with Stephen has allowed us to provide him with our ideas, talk through them, decide what we should implement and how to do it. Stephen has been and still is an enormous help to our business and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a friendly, honest, reliable, effective business coach

Chris Kilpatrick - MD Computer Plus Ltd & BM Plus

Stephen and I worked closely on my business on & off for a just over a year. I knew about my business in terms of sales & marketing & but everything else was a huge learning curve! Being a strong believer of “not everybody knows everything” it was still with some trepidation that I met with Steve to see if he could help me move forward. We banged heads a few times, agreed a lot, disagreed a lot, but I learnt a huge amount and also it really helps to bench mark your success & failures against others & know the challenges you face day to day are normal! As a sounding board, as a consultant that knows his stuff, as an advocate of your business & a realist that brings you down to earth with a bump and moves your business forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any business that needs an honest opinion and appraisal of where they are at right now and what they need to do to drive their business forward.

M Brook - FIRP Cert RP Managing director RSE Worldwide Ltd

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