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Yeseen Baksh

Phone: 07886997196


Yeseen Baksh is a business coach who has gained a wealth of experience by working for International business operators and holding key positions. In recent years, Yeseen has enjoyed implementing new strategies and changes to business such as Hertz, Xerox and Enterprise Holdings Ltd watching them grow and become ever more successful in their respective industries.

He has coached Country heads, company directors and team members on how to improve their Operations, Revenue & Pricing, Strategies to improve the effectiveness & profitability. He has worked in various businesses and operations management roles, truly excelling in growing business and building strategic partnerships through his deep understanding of what is required to create genuine and long-lasting trust-based relationships.

Through these experiences Yeseen has learned the pressures Business Owners face whilst developing and growing their business. This has led him into a career as a business advisor helping others to steer clear of challenges ahead.

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