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The operative word here is “Think.” When you think before you act, you take control of your life. When you think, you are able to respond.

When people react before thinking, you get things like crisis management and short-term solutions that lead to long-term disasters. A reaction is like a reflex.

A response is what you do after you’ve given the matter a few seconds thought. Responding lets you take responsibility for your actions. Just a few brief seconds allows you to review your options and choose the best alternative.

An even better solution is to take the initiative. Be responsible and don’t wait for things to happen. Sit down and spend some time thinking about the “what-ifs.” What could possibly go wrong? Then determine what you have to do to prevent a potential problem and then act on it.

It’s important-PLAN AHEAD! This minimises carelessness.

Crisis prevention and proactive thinking are synonymous. The potential benefits are tremendous. Proactive people are still influenced by external stimuli, but their response (not reaction) is a choice they make.

Think “Win-Win.” This requires understanding, empathy, and communication. The Golden Rule (Do unto others as they would do unto you) should be used whenever applicable. Anything other than “Win-Win” will damage a long-term relationship. If “Win-Win” cannot be achieved, the next best thing is to walk away.

Make sure that the next time you’re approached with a decision – any decision – you think first, then act.

Remember – never react, always respond.

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