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Business Test

The Business Test is for your  business to bank the first £100 for today…


OK, you’ve banked your first £100……..and what’s the time?  Is it less than 1 hour since you started work or longer?  And how long until the next £100 will hit your bank account?  Or you’re a bit of a rebel and you decided to read this piece before you banked any money anyway.
That’s OK because the real test is this……
Whatever time of day you read this article, can you choose to take the rest of the day, week or even month off and be certain that the £££’s will continue to roll in at the same rate.  Even without you doing a thing.
That’s it – do nothing at all and you are 100% confident that the cash will continue to swell your bank account.  If that’s the case then well done – you are a business owner!  Your business has systems and processes in place which mean that other people can produce the goods and services that your customers buy – without your personal involvement – and you’re free to live the life you choose, free from the everyday stresses that ‘being in business’ can bring.
If you can’t choose right now to take time out because you know the minute you walk out the door the business would grind to a halt – then the business runs you.  Rather than owning a business, you own a job and life feels a bit like this
•    You work long hours
•    It feels like you ‘do’ everything
•    You pay yourself much less than you know you’re worth
•    You find it hard to get and keep the right employees to help you grow your business
•    You worry about your business – sometimes day and night
•    You’ve promised yourself that one day you will change things – but that ‘one day’ never seems to arrive
If you’re serious about changing things in your business then there’s only one question you need to ask yourself – what am I going to do about it today…not tomorrow, not next week but today, even NOW!

To answer that question you need first to be fully aware of where your business is right now…and then decide where you want it to be in,  3, 6, 9, 12 months from here and beyond.

To help you, we’ve created a simple, free to use, online business diagnostic tool to help you take that all-important first step.  Just click on this MOT link, and complete the questionnaire.
Once you have finished…
1. We will sit down with you and understand the current reality for you and your business.

2. We will then provide you with a list of Key strategies you can employ to start making a difference.

3. Lastly, we will give you an idea of some other rewarding activities you can undertake to ensure business growth.

If you are serious about growing your business complete the MOT now  and start the rewarding journey of proactively planning your future.

All the best for your business from the A4B team

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