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Social Media Success in 10 minutes a day

There are many challenges for a business owner to conquer on a daily basis, loads of the routine tasks can be properly delegated or systematised to ease the burden. Marketing is an absolute key process to any successful business and these day correct use of social media is essential either to directly generate leads or to keep the business branding in the forefront of your customers and prospects mind. Many business owners however, frequently complain that whilst they appreciate the benefits of social media they simply do not have the time to do it justice!


Here are my Top Tips for Getting Great Results in Your Social Media in just 10 mins per day:


Get prepared first:


Decide which your primary Social Media strategy will be – i.e.: Facebook, Twitter etc.

Have 2 or 3 as second place – don’t try and ‘do them all’, as this will be overwhelming.

Create a spreadsheet with these as headers and list out the activity you will do; how often, when, what your core message will be, links, useful articles, quotes etc. Basically give yourself a resource bank of ideas to use as and when. Allow a good chunk of time to do this, half a day or a day. You can use ‘top tip’ lists, so suppose you have 30 tips to…well that gives you 30 tweets for example.

Plan out roughly your activity for the month, maybe have a topical theme – you can plan out the whole year in themes.

Make sure all your interfaces are branded and have the same information on them.


Get organised:


Automate where possible – so once you have a bank of ideas, copy and paste in something like Hootsuite or Tweet deck for Twitter, link your Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn – You can now also schedule ahead on Facebook too. Look for other tools that work for you.

Follow inspiring people in your industry and sort their information into an easily accessible folder or RSS feed.

Join all relevant groups, or form your own.


Get started – 10 minutes per day:


Put your timer on!

Using your primary choice, say Facebook – go quickly down your list (as no.3 above) and for example: post a personal  status, add a quote, article or picture to your business page, comment in a group or two, like other people’s status, comments etc.. Look for friends to add. Always put a link to your website in everything you post. Don’t sell, just be interesting, funny or thought provoking.

Go onto your second choice, say Twitter and look for tweets to re-tweet, conversations to join, information to share and add more items to your automated service (so top up Tweet deck for example). Find 20 – 50 more people to follow, and wait for them to follow you back (40% will do so out of courtesy).

Lastly go to your third choice, and time depending – either post, add value, comment, offer help, or add to your followers.



Remember: Don’t spam people; add value to others’ lives and businesses and grow your circle of ‘friends’ every day. If nurtured well, this is your ‘list’ – and as they say: The Money is in The List! If you are a Business Start-up then just keep it all very simple, you can build on it as you go.


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