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Why customer service is important

Obsession with the customer is the single most vital factor in business success. The main priority in any business must be to win and keep the customer. Failure to do so simply means no profits, no growth, no jobs, no business!

Success will go in our competitive world to those who recognise that:

  • The customer is the business’s biggest asset.
  • The customer pays all salaries, wages, and dividends
  • The customer will go where they receive the best attention.
  • You must be your customer’s best choice

The simple idea has underpinned all great businesses in the past, but its secrets are now being sought in all corners of commerce and industry.

It has become the great driving force in all ambitious companies. ‘Putting the customer first’, ‘making the customer boss’, is now seen as the route to gaining the competitive edge!

Three Steps to outstanding Customer service

Step 1: Decide what you want

First you will need a detailed vision, creating a vision of your future customer service model centred on your customers will take time and effort but without it you will not be able to progress.

Step 2: Discover what the customer wants

Your customer service is part of your product and you should market test your product before any major launch, it therefore follows that you should market test your customer service vision with customers and be prepared to alter your vision in response to your customer’s feedback.

In this step you will also decide which customer needs you will service, and which customer needs you will not service, you cannot be all things to all people.

Do not forget to build a vision of the type of service you will provide to your internal customers as well as external customers.

Step 3: Deliver your vision plus one percent

To create a raving fan, you need to exceed on delivery of your customer service promise every time the customer deals with you, the customer needs to believe that they can count on you again and again. Consistency creates credibility.

Start by making small changes to your current customer service model and gradually build on these changes, this way you will be able to achieve consistency of service.

To achieve this level of consistency you will need systems, training, alignment between your vision and pay/promotion, these systems are required to build your vision in to the sole of the company.

Customer expectations do not remain static so be prepared to continually enhance your vision.



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