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As you know for most business owners like you, your business is your biggest asset and the economic engine that enables you to achieve personal financial goals. It may be in your best interest to align your short-term and long-term personal financial goals and concerns to address both your business and personal goals.

A financial advisor can help you plan for the many stages of your businesses life cycle—and help you achieve personal & business success.

This type of comprehensive financial planning requires several steps and must be revisited as the business grows and changes. Here is an outline of six important planning areas:

  1.  Managing Income and Assets
  2.  Protection Planning
  3. Investment Planning
  4. Income Tax Planning
  5. Retirement Planning and Estate Planning

Where you can work with a financial advisor to clarify your personal and business needs.

Once you have established your goals and outlined your strategy for each of the listed items, you are ready to take move to the next stage: Gathering Key Information for Financial Planning.

1. Managing Income and Assets
• Know your current net worth
• Track current income and expenses
• Plan for emergencies
• Estimate future net worth, income and expenses
• Manage business assets and cash flow
• Provide employee benefits
• Know value of business

2. Protection Planning
• Protect ability to meet accumulation and education goals
• Replace earning power if disabled
• Meet potential long-term care costs
• Provide for dependents in case of death
• Review or establish buy/sell agreement

3. Investment Planning
• Analyse asset allocation
• Accumulate money for education funding
• Save for a special purpose
• Manage debt
• Review your investment portfolio
• Provide key employee compensation program

4. Income Tax Planning
• Manage federal income taxes
• Manage state income taxes
• Estimate federal and state taxes
• Proactive tax management of your personal and business finances
• Review business structure

5. Retirement Planning
• Help ensure adequate retirement income
• Determine best retirement plan for business
• Manage pension distributions
• Provide for medical care costs
• Use business assets for retirement

6. Estate Planning
• Reduce or freeze estate settlement costs and inheritance taxation
• Retain or transfer ownership of personal or business assets
• Establish business transition plan

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