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Episode 8 - How to increase profit by 68% in your Business

Watch this must-see video to easily increase profits in your business by 68% by making these simple changes. It identifies the power of small change and will help you make more money in your business. The 10% scenario represents an increase in net profit (money in your pocket) of £36,930. Not bad by anyone’s standards

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Episode 7-The Time, Team, Money Trap

Watch this video to understand how to avoid these common problem when running a business. You ideally want to work less hours, earn more money and create a winning team but in reality running a business can be very different. 


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Episode 6-No one is as good as you!


Watch to find out what’s the secret ingredient to help manage staff Do you struggle to replace yourself in your business? Are you a culprit of “oh its easier I will just do it myself ”

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Episode 5- "I don't want to grow my business"

Episode 5- “I don’t want to grow my business”

Watch to find out how you need to grow your business or it wont survive.



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Episode 4 - My secret weapon to increase sales

Episode 4 – My secret weapon to increase sales.

Watch to find out what it is and how it will dramatically help you to increase profit and sales.

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Episode 3- Are you juggling your business? Don't be a clown write a plan.


Episode 3 -Are you juggling your business? Don’t be a clown write a plan.

As a Business owner it can often feel like you are juggling balls and struggling to keep on top of everything that needs to be done daily in order to successfully run your business from marketing, sales, HR, finance, managing staff and ...

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Episode 2 - The 5 key building blocks to any business

Episode 2- The 5 key building blocks to any business

In this episode I talk about  the 5 key building blocks of any successful business, Marketing, Sales, Operations, HR and Finance. I explain the 5 areas in more detail and how to write a successful business plan to help grow your business ...

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Episode 1 -Why do I have the right to advise you on your business?

Episode 1 – Why do I have the right to advise you on your business?

People often ask me why do i need a business adviser? and what do you know about my business ?

Who the hell am I to tell you how to run your business? (A fair question) 140 customers, 100 different industries. From ...
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