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Episode 24- How to Strengthen your business reputation in 3 simple steps

Watch now to use these 3 simple ways to improve your business reputation to dramatically improve sales and profits with minimal effort. The stronger your business reputation is the less you will need to focus on marketing as business will come to you. For more information please utilise the free resources on my website ...

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Episode 23- Is being a control freak bad for your business?

Watch this video to understand how being a control freak is not sustainable and will impact on your businesses success. For more information and tips on how to release the reins Get in touch or complete a FREE business MOT

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Episode 22- Have you got a winning mindset?

Watch this video to create a winning mindset in business and understand the importance of a positive mental attitude in the workplace. Its easy to be blown off course by different challenges and obstacles everyday but a winning mindset will help reaffirm your goals and keep you on track.

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Episode 21- Being smart in your business isn't just about how you dress

Watch this video to see how you can be smart in your business, the way you dress is important but it isn’t the only smart thing you need to do to ensure your business is hugely successful and profitable.


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Episode 20-How to execute the perfect business plan

Watch this video to understand how to execute the perfect business plan and reap the rewards of success in your business.

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Episode 19-Does your business cause you sweet dreams or nightmares?

Watch this video to help you reaffirm the goals and dreams you had when you started your business. Was it to earn more money, work less hours, do the thing you love, enable you to retire early. Whatever it was have you achieved it? or is your business causing you more nightmares than dreams.

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Episode18- The importance of long term thinking in your business when making decision's.

Watch this video to understand the importance of long term thinking as oppose to short term thinking to help you make the best decision’s for your business.

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Episode 17-Why hire a Business Advisor? Here's all you need to know.

Watch this amazing testimonial from Tomas at Metropolis Visual to see how Advice4Business have helped them triple their turnover and grow their business even in a global pandemic.

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Episode 16- Why is it so important to service your business like your car?


Watch now -You service your car annually but not your business why not ?? Start the rewarding journey of growing a business and having a business that makes your life better whatever the world is throwing at you right now

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Episode 15-Don't waste valuable time in your business.

Watch this video to make sure you don’t waste time in your business. Time is precious and make sure you are billing effectively.

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