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Episode 16- Why is it so important to service your business like your car?


Watch now -You service your car annually but not your business why not ?? Start the rewarding journey of growing a business and having a business that makes your life better whatever the world is throwing at you right now

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Episode 15-Don't waste valuable time in your business.

Watch this video to make sure you don’t waste time in your business. Time is precious and make sure you are billing effectively.

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Episode 14- The A-Z guide to business growth

Watch this must see video The essential A-Z guide of business growth. A really useful way to remember the important aspects of business success and growth in 2020/2021.

“A,B,C easy as 1,2,3 easy as Do, Re, Mi, A,B,C 1,2,3 baby you and me ”
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Episode 13- How to stop your business leaking money

Watch this must see video to see how you can stop your business leaking money and keep more profits in the bank.

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Episode 11- The simplest way to increase your average sale value !

Watch now to see how you could adopt a similar strategy to McDonalds by increasing your average sale value and drive more profits into your business. Helping you to make more money with every single customer. Find your greatest sales line ?


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Episode 10- 9 Essential Sales Skills/ How do you rate yourself?

Watch this must see video to rate and improve your sales skills using this 9 point checklist to dramatically increase conversion rate and increase profits in your business. These include personal motivation, personal management, product knowledge, prospecting, asking questions, presentation skills, answering objections, asking for action and follow up. 

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Episode 9- The Secrets to generating more leads=more profit/more money

Watch this video and follow these simple effective ways to improve your marketing strategy to generate more leads in to your business, making more profit and resulting in more money in the bank.

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Episode 8 - How to increase profit by 68% in your Business

Watch this must-see video to easily increase profits in your business by 68% by making these simple changes. It identifies the power of small change and will help you make more money in your business. The 10% scenario represents an increase in net profit (money in your pocket) of £36,930. Not bad by anyone’s standards

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Episode 7-The Time, Team, Money Trap

Watch this video to understand how to avoid these common problem when running a business. You ideally want to work less hours, earn more money and create a winning team but in reality running a business can be very different. 


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