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To get the best out of your employees try our staff section, its overflowing with ideas on how to get more out of your team.

6 Steps to Running a Planning Meeting

An effective planning session takes advantage of the strengths and expertise of people from your entire organization and gives your staff a stake in the future direction of your company.

Facilitating this kind of session requires you to set clear ground rules and motivate all participants to contribute.

Use the steps here to involve staff in your ...

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Are staff appraisals important?

Do you consider staff appraisals important? Is it the job that gets pushed to the side as there are way too many other more important tasks needing your attention.

In a busy working environment of meeting deadlines and balancing workloads perhaps the most overlooked benefit to staff is to give an opportunity for our employees and ...

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How Do I Become an Employer of Choice?

How do you become the employer that everyone wants to work for? Employees now expect a lot more from employers – it’s no longer ‘just a job’. But can they be fussy in hard times? An employer of choice is an organisation that cares for individual employees and is concerned about their careers and wellbeing.

Increasingly, ...

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Staff and Pets Both Need Training


So you already get the link, don’t you? It is a fact that the average business owner spends more time training their pet, be it a dog, a cat or even a Guinea pig than they do their staff.


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Motivation Is About More Than Just Money

Having the very special skill of being able to motivate and inspire your employees will have significant effects on your business; amongst other things, productivity will increase which in turn improves profitability.

All business owners are considered to be motivators, it just depends how well you do it. If you have the skill then it will ...

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Bring Out the Best in Your Staff

Motivating employees is one of the greatest challenges that a business owner experiences, here are a few tips that you may find useful.

Firstly, be sure you’re setting a good example of cheerfulness and don’t let your own moods distract employees from their work. Develop your listening skills, this means using active listening to its fullest ...

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How to Be a Good Boss with Productive Employees

Being a boss isn’t always an easy task.

As a person managing multiple employees, you are forced to deal with a wide variety of personalities.  Furthermore, at the end of the day, you are the one responsible for the productivity of your team.

If you are having problems motivating your employees, you may be able to produce ...

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How to create a winning team in business

A good team is more than just a group of people working well together.

Just because individuals work well together doesn’t necessarily make them a team – in fact, there are examples of groups of highly intelligent individuals performing more poorly as a team than as individuals!

A team is a group of people who ...

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Managing People Is Like Herding Cats is the title of a book by renowned leadership scholar and professor Warren Bennis that explores the principles of effective leadership at all levels. The title is intriguing. It seems to reflect the views of business owners about how difficult it is to find and keep the right staff ...

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Are Your Employees Happy & Satisfied With Their Jobs? (A Ten Item Quiz That Can Help You Find Out)

Are your employees happy? Are they satisfied with the working conditions in your company? Some business owners, managers and company executives believe the monetary remuneration and financial benefits their companies provide are all they need to make their employees satisfied.


Research findings however indicate that most employees place a higher premium, on non-monetary rewards, such as ...

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