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For the business owners out there check out our ownership section packed with ideas on how to improve your business and your life.

Persistence and Positive Attitude Pays Dividends

When you believe in yourself and what you do, when you focus on the value you bring to your clients, and when you have a strong distinguishing factor, then persistence and tenacity come naturally.

Next time a customer says “Thanks, but no thanks we’re ok,” or “Sorry, I can’t budget for that right now,” you can ...

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The operative word here is “Think.” When you think before you act, you take control of your life. When you think, you are able to respond.

When people react before thinking, you get things like crisis management and short-term solutions that lead to long-term disasters. A reaction is like a reflex.

A response is what you do ...

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Winning Customers

The majority of business owners will tell you that their number one priority is ‘to get more customers’. As a business owner, you’ll no doubt agree with that feeling but you know that it is ‘hard work’, can be expensive and the results (of what will be some kind of marketing effort on your part) ...

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9 Methods For Building Customer Loyalty

Don’t let your customers go after just one purchase. Win them back time and time again with a follow-up program.

1. Thank-you notes Take the time to show your customers that you genuinely appreciate their business. They’ll remember your thoughtfulness because most of your competition won’t send out thank-you notes. Just make sure you don’t do it ...

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Setting Goals for Your Business

Goal-setting is crucial to the success of any business, but is particularly important for entrepreneurs who can become distracted without focus. Goals direct actions, give you something to aim for, and can serve as a yardstick for measuring your business’ success.

The way you approach goal-setting will determine whether you are able to attain your goals. ...

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Not everyone is equipped to own a small business or handle the impact on one’s personal life. You need to understand the essential qualities for owners…

You can still be successful even if you don’t possess every skill needed to run a small business. There are, however, certain qualities that you should possess if you’re to ...

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Learning to Delegate

Some small business owners are proud of the fact that they do everything for their businesses themselves. But it doesn’t always make business sense to be a one-person operation. In fact, you should delegate as much work as you possibly can if you want your business to thrive. If you don’t, chances are you’ll always ...

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Keep Yourself Organized

Entrepreneurs have the potential to be disorganized. They have limited resources and lots of information to keep track of. For this reason, office setup, organization and maintenance can slip. A little slippage is understandable and excusable, but for the sake of the business, periodic organizational sprees are important. The advice and tips listed here will ...

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As a Business owner, or manager you are expected to motivate! Whether you want to or not, whether you feel up to it or not, motivating others is part of your responsibility as a leader.

Unfortunately, there are many things about motivation that people do not understand. For example, do you know that motivation is not permanent? ...

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How to Take a Holiday

Many small business owners are reluctant to take vacations because they fear that if they’re not minding the business, it will suffer. Fears about what will go wrong during a holiday include a loss of customers, missed opportunities, and looking unresponsive to current clients.

The irony is that holiday are actually good for business. Truly successful people ...

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