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Worried about cash flow, robbing Peter to pay Paul? Then visit our finance section to discover how you can get control of your financial destiny.

Close the sale-Ask for the order !

Many salespeople are reluctant to ask for the order for a variety of reasons.

They may be afraid of rejection or are not confident in themselves or what they have done during the sales/quoting process. Perhaps they do not want to be perceived as being pushy, or they are inexperienced and do not know how or what to ...
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5 Easy Methods to Managing Purchasing to Maximize Cash Flow

One of the keys to effective cash flow management is keeping a close eye on your purchasing patterns. While many businesses focus their cash flow strategies on ways to boost receivables, supplier-related payables need to be watched just as prudently. Follow these tips to help you control these expenses and help your business prosper:

Get the ...

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Top tips to improve cash flow in your business

Business Advisor Gary Maskell recognises the primacy of positive cash flow and firmly believes that it is vital for business survival and growth.

A good sales creed is “give me cash not credit”. It is also the tune that successful businesses sing. It does not matter if your gross margins make your competitors green with envy ...

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How to make Collecting Money Easier from your customers

Making money is the easy part of running any business.

If you are good at what you do and you have an effective marketing strategy the work will roll in!

The difficult part for many business owners is collecting money that is due; here are a few tips that could help any business:

1. Agree payment terms up ...

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How to manage your Cash in a Crisis

Cash is the lifeblood of every business and no business can survive for long without it. As Mr. Micawber in Charles Dickens’ novel, David Copperfield, so succinctly put it:

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds, nineteen shillings and sixpence, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds and sixpence, result misery”.

This simple ...

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Managing Your Money Effectively

Money is a necessary aspect of every business and you need to learn to strengthen your money management skills to be able to run the business in an effective and efficient manner. Managing money comes down to using the right type of tracking system and to see where your money is coming in from and ...

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10 Proven ways to improve cash flow in your business

As any small business owner knows, maintaining smooth cash flow requires juggling nearly every facet of a business, from staying on top of accounts receivable, to extending lines of credit, to managing inventory. The essence of successful cash flow management is regulating the money flowing in and out of your business. Increasing your cash flow ...

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9 Simple tips for setting effective budgets

Whether you’re mapping a path to profitability or simply determining how much to spend on marketing, setting effective budgets can help your company manage money optimally.

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of financial planning. It forces you to ask questions about the business decisions you make, which in turn helps you anticipate the resources you’ll need ...

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4 Easy Business Valuation Methods

There are a number of instances when you may need to determine the market value of a business. Certainly, buying and selling a business is the most common reason. Estate planning, reorganisation, or verification of your worth for lenders or investors are other reasons.

Valuing a company is hardly a precise science and can vary depending ...

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Easy proven steps to improve cash flow in your business

It’s Monday morning and you don’t have enough cash on hand to make Friday’s payroll – What options do you have?


Cash flow crunches affect every business. Ideally, you can weather these crises by accessing a line of credit or revolving loan you’ve already set up with your bank, or tapping into cash reserves you’ve put ...

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